Taylor Barton Presents a series of intimate evenings hosted by Emmy winner, GE Smith. Come experience his passion for R & B while highlighting his guests musical ideology.

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Taylor Barton's new record, Everybody Knows, blends soulful alternative poems into ethereal meaningful messages of reality.

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Taylor Barton is a gifted songwriter with a beautiful and seductive voice — each song is a little gift of magic that you want to keep on unwrapping.”

—Jane Sarkin, Vanity Fair

Taylor writes of beauty and grace, in a sullied world.”

—Parke Puterbaugh, Rolling Stone

Some of this prolific New Yorker's songs marry bits of atmospheric poetry with crackin' urban stomps. With her crack band, Barton wields an ax herself.”

—Barry Mazur, The Nashville Scene

Taylor Barton writes from the trenches of the self-examined life; motherhood, sobriety, vision quest, rock wifedom, grief, longing, beauty, meaning. With soul mate GE Smith as her sideman, she creates aching American classics on Spiritual Gangster

—Paula Cole, Singer-Songwriter

Uplifting, hypnotic, porch toe tappin' to story-tellin', swingin' and etherial groovin'.”

—Edie Brickell, Singer-Songwriter

If tomboy in sexy underwear were an archetype, Taylor Barton descends the stairs as both sultry sorceress and your best friend's sister. And… She writes good songs.”

—Rodney Crowell

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