Indy East End Feature

Dec 18, 2018

“It’s always darkest just before the dawn. But sometimes, the dawn doesn’t just happen. Sometimes you need to create the light out of the darkness. That’s what Taylor Barton has done with her latest album House of Light, which arose from — as much of the world’s art does — a place of pain and frustration…Out of that sorrow came House of Light, which features Grammy winner Sarah Jarosz and Jenni Muldaur…The songs have an Emmy Lou Harris gentility to them…”

—Bridget Leroy, The Independent

Video Featured Skope Magazine

Dec 18, 2018

“The magnetic (video) clip for House Of Light is a look inside Taylor Barton’s world. Director Fabian Rodriguez takes us outside as well, where he escorts us along the pier, captures a Long Island sunset and the Atlantic Ocean waves, and treats us to a shot of the Montauk lighthouse. Superimposed on some of the frames are illustrations of seahorses, flowers, lanterns, and girls in blue dresses. These are translucent, of course – but convey Barton’s ability to write eloquent lyrics such as, ‘I will wait like a sunflower, on an August day in a passing shower.’”


NeuFutr Review

Dec 15, 2018

“House of Light is a dreamy, traditional rock / alt track in the vein of Stevie Nicks and Natalie Cole. Deliberate, contemplative guitar lines and booming drum beats establish an engrossing environment for Barton. The yin and yang of the vocals and instrumentation ensures that each side pushes the other to a higher plateau. With just a bit of mid-1980s Tom Petty whipped into the track, the familiarity fans will have with Barton’s latest will ensure that they stick around for the long haul. The track is extraordinarily consistent, showcasing each side of this talented performer.”

—James McQuiston, NeuFutr

Vents Magazine Review

Dec 14, 2018

“Even if you’ve never been to the Hamptons, there’s a pretty good chance that you’re aware of Taylor Barton’s work. She’s the director behind the well-loved rockumentary 50 Watt Fuse, an exploration of the career of the legendary sideman (and former Saturday Night Live bandleader) G.E. Smith. Smith also happens to be Barton’s partner, and he’s one of many talented musicians who play on House Of Light, the singer-songwriter’s tenth album. Grammy-winning bluegrass artist Sarah Jarosz and folk singer Jenni Muldaur joined her, and Tony Shanahan (Patti Smith’s sideman) produced this searing collection.”

—RJ Frometa, Vents Magazine

Take Effect Review

Dec, 2018

“A record with vivid lyrical imagery, Barton’s rich and expressive vocals light up the stories well, as the music flows from the soft and sweet title track and warm folk-pop of Lost Horizon to plenty of eclectic moments.”

—Take Effect

Interview with Emily Weitz Sag Harbor Express

Nov 28, 2018

“On the heels of House of Light, her tenth album, Barton is owning her own voice in a way she never did before…There is no shortage of Barton’s voice — or messages — in her newest album.”

—Emily Weitz, Sag Harbor Express

Indie Voice Blog Review

Nov 9, 2018

“Taylor Barton has been a lifelong student of songwriting, and wrote her first song on Bob Dylan‘s bus. She takes the struggles of everyday life, including loss, heartbreak and sorrow, and converts them into songs that reach deep inside the listener’s psyche. On her tenth album, she brings us another exceptional collection of songs that will remain with the listener long after the song is over.”

—Indie Voice Blog

Andrew Watson Review

Nov 9, 2018

“Tenth album in and Taylor Barton is emphatic as ever. Brushing shoulders with masters such as Bob Dylan has clearly helped her knock albums out at an extremely consistent rate so far. The title track, particularly, is something to behold and has extreme listenability to the extent you don’t want to reach that point whereby you get overly familiar with it.”

—Andrew Watson

Elmore Magazine Video Premier

Nov 9, 2018

“Barton’s gift for melody and elegant phrasing earned her ten ASCAP awards, and this may well earn her an eleventh. The mystic sounds of the title track, House of Light opens the record and sets its tone.”

—Elmore Magazine

Twangville Review

Nov 7, 2018

“…everything fits together like a band that’s being playing together 20 years. There’s a guitar lick here, a mandolin solo there, a vocal phrasing in the middle of it all. House Of Light just shows you just how good a bunch of professional musicians can really be.”

—Shawn Underwood, Twangville

Southampton Press/East Hampton Press Interview 27 East

Nov 5, 2018

“Which is why this album and its many revelations is very much a personal reflection of who Ms. Barton is a singer, songwriter, musician and storyteller. The recording is distinctly her own, with lilting melodies combined with the soulful feel of the heartland…”

—27 East

JP’S Music Log Review

Oct 16, 2018

“Singer/songwriter Taylor Barton returns with her tenth studio album titled House Of Light on November 9th. It features 11-tracks, beginning with the gentle, poetic touch of the title song, House Of Light. The album continues with the acoustic swing of For Those Among Us and the light-hearted pop tones of Chaos, as Taylor's vocals are sweet and inviting.”

—JP’S Music Log

Midwest Record Review

Oct 10, 2018

“A very personal album created while the principals were swaddled in miasma, this is anything but a passel of millennial moping. With traces of a lot of stuff running through it all, this award winning songwriter certainly delivered the kind of set that brings it all back home. Check it out.”

—Midwest Record

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