Taylor Barton Taylor Barton is a multi-talented, writer, producer, and singer-songwriter. She is Vice President of Green Mirror Corp, a multi-media entertainment company. She has worked for four decades in the Music Industry and produced over 50 Events Worldwide.

She has released ten critically acclaimed solo albums all available on Apple, Pandora, Spotify, and other digital platforms. Vanity Fair calls her voice beautiful and seductive. Rolling Stone calls her beguiling. She is the recipient of ten Ascap Popular Panel Awards.

Her film, 50 Watt Fuse, documenting G.E. Smith’s career as a sideman, was an Official Selection of the Mill Valley Film Festival. Written and directed by Barton with cameos from Lorne Michaels, Jimmy Buffett, to Bob Dylan and Hall & Oates; it garnered Barton a standing ovation.

Taylor Barton She is launching a new EP, GET Off MY SHIP produced by Joseph Arthur, the artist who authored In the Sun and You’re So True from Shrek 2. Her new EP draws from narratives of war, politics, cancel culture, and longing.

"Mystery, mayhem and humor ensue in Taylor Barton's fabulous novel Hotheaded Saints." —Adriana Trigiani

"Taylor Barton has drawn a compelling and fascinating portrait of the underbelly of the Hamptons" —Rosanne Cash, Singer-Songwriter

Taylor Barton A new novel, Condom Eddie will be released by Barton in 2024. Condom Eddie is a searing psychological thriller chronicling a man whose aberrance lurks in the shadows of everyday life. The story commences when an adult woman, who was adopted, discovers she has a biological brother who is a convicted sex offender. A nurture versus nature ensues when Eddie lures her into an evil labyrinth by exploiting their blood bond. Eddie’s deception rips through each character’s life weaving a vicious cycle of destruction, while his sister tries to intervene offering a chance for redemption. Condom Eddie is a cinematic page turner that builds like a slow tsunami of corruption and abuse leaving no one untouched.

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