Crown of Thorns (Single)

Taylor Barton

Video for Crown of Thorns.

Train Is Coming

Taylor Barton

Train Is Coming music video by Taylor Barton

Video for Train Is Coming.

GE Smith: 50 Watt Fuse

Taylor Barton

GE Smith: 50 Watt Fuse - The story of guitarist G.E. Smith Produced by Taylor Barton

The story of guitarist G.E. Smith Produced by Taylor Barton


Taylor Barton

Music Video: Wheatfields by Taylor Barton from album House of Light - with Photos shot in Auvers Sur Oise, France

Video for Wheatfields by Taylor Barton.

House of Light

Taylor Barton

Taylor Barton - House of Light - Music Video

Music Video for House of Light by Taylor Barton.


Taylor Barton

Taylor Barton performing Shenandoah live

From a performance for Baeble Music.

King Of Barcelona

Taylor Barton

Live performance of King Of Barcelona by Taylor Barton

An ode to my husband GE Smith on our 20th Anniversary.


Taylor Barton

Vapor by Taylor Barton

For all the men, I've loved and lost.

One Man Down

Taylor Barton

One Man Down by Taylor Barton

A song screaming to stop all the violence and destruction.

50 Watt Fuse

Taylor Barton

50 Watt Fuse

Pedro ‘n’ Pip is a raucous, uplifting rock ‘n’ roll odyssey about a tenacious ten-year-old girl, named Pip, and a ‘rockoctopus’, Pedro, who she meets while scuba diving after anoil spill in the Gulf. Together, they forge a powerful friendship and unite sea creatures and landlubbers alike to help clean up our waters for the good of all. A funny, tender, courageous story meant to raise environmental awareness in our kids.