House of Light

Taylor Barton

Released: Nov 9, 2018

“Taylor Barton's emotional lyrics push the listener to go deep! Her imagery can evoke feelings of eerie calm and beauty in songs like “House of Light" or "Steeplechase" while at other times crush us with a song like “Where Did You Go”, where she morphs herself into the heartbroken soul of a mother who is forced to survive, after a child's suicide. Taylor provides shelter and deftly carries us thru life's spectrum of experiences as her accomplished band, led by husband GE Smith, mesmerizes with their skillful performances. House of Light is her best work yet!“

—Lauren Stone, Owner, Long Island Radio Broadcasting WEHM Program Director/Midday Host

Pedro ‘n’ Pip

Taylor Barton

Released: Sep 13, 2016

“Pedro 'n' Pip by Taylor Barton is a fun and educational story with thirteen catchy songs.”

—Hilary Hawkes, Readers' Favorite

Everybody Knows

Taylor Barton

Taylor Barton - Everybody Knows

Released: Oct 1, 2013

“Taylor sends her listeners a message from the heart with her new project, Everybody Knows. The poetry of the songs will capture you and the music will carry you to a place where you will feel at home… comfortable in your own skin.”

—Jorma Kaukonen, Musician (Jefferson Airplane, Hot Tuna)

Spiritual Gangster

Taylor Barton

Taylor Barton - Spiritual Gangster

Released: Oct 20, 2009

“Taylor Barton writes from the trenches of the self-examined life; motherhood, sobriety, vision-quest, rock wifedom, grief, longing, beauty, meaning…”

—Paula Cole, Singer-Songwriter


featuring Wicked Felina

Taylor Barton

Taylor Barton - Vapor

Released: May 2, 2006

“Taylor’s best yet. This record has a strong foundation rooted with gorgeous musicianship and dreamy celestial vocals with thoughtful lyrics and a passion for music you can’t miss. It’s filled with diversity and attention to subtlety for a fresh and interesting sound. It cycles through uplifting, hypnotic, porch toe tappin’ to story tellin’, swingin’ and ethereal groovin’.”

—Edie Brickell, Singer-songwriter

Dry Land

Taylor Barton

Taylor Barton - Dry Land

Released: Dec 31, 2001

“This is a good recording. Taylor Barton is an exceptional singer and composer, whose musical gifts are heard to good advantage on this CD, “Dry Land” is a fine collection of tunes, nine of which are originals, that have the proverbial story-like quality in the lyrics. The words go beyond the rote simplicity of covering subjects like love and relationships. Instead they delve into more personal areas, covering various aspects of life from Barton’s point of view. Barton’s voice has a soft feathery sound that matches the mood of each tune perfectly. Tunes like “Code Talk”, “Half Moon Bay”, “Louise” and the exquisite rendering of the title-cut “Dry Land” by musician Joan Armatrading all serve as good examples of Barton’s approach.”

—Alan Chase, Portland Herald

13 Break-Ups

Taylor Barton

Taylor Barton - 13 Break-Ups

“On her fourth album (13 Break-Ups) Taylor Barton sets off on a stunning note with the title cut....A meaty melody and infectious rock beat. Taylor’s a solid writer with a rootsy Americana outlook....the brooding “In Your Kiss”..The vulnerable “Souless Bottle” “Big Black Boots”, delectable slice....Her songs deserve a wider audience.”

—Mick Skidmore, Relix

Skinny Kat

Taylor Barton

Taylor Barton - Skinny Kat

“Skinny Kat is Barton’s most realized. Each song’s arrangement captures the lyrical imagery, the energy level is well-tuned to Barton’s lilting vocal style, and song for song, it’s her best collection to date.”

—John Schoenberger, Album Network


Taylor Barton

Taylor Barton - Thoroughbred

“Former ‘Generic Blondes’ lead singer Taylor Barton steps out on her own with ‘Thoroughbred’. Her new setting leaves plenty of room for Barton’s unaffected vocal, style, her sharp compassionate lyrics, and her ability to slip into rockers, mid-tempos, and ballads with ease.”

—Album Network

Generic Blondes

Mean American Dream

Taylor Barton - Mean American Dream

“Barton’s music on ‘Mean American Dream’ is breezy rhythm and blues-flavored pop with her sweetly trilling vocals its most unique aspect... The acoustic guitar sound on the ballad ‘Darkness Makes Me Strong’ makes it especially poignant... ‘Cast A Spell’ is one of the album’s best cuts, Barton’s vocal...’Wake Up Call’ ends this auspicious debut with another arresting vocal.

—Jay N. Miller, Patriot Ledger

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